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We are proud to offer in-house radiology for the convenience and ease of our patients and clients. X-rays are frequently helpful in arriving at a diagnosis, or for examining organs such as the heart, bones, lungs, abdomen, oral cavity and other areas.


Not only can X-rays identify broken bones, they can be used to confirm pregnancies, locate an obstruction or foreign body, confirm bladder or kidney stones, and detect tumors (malignant or benign). 

We recently upgraded our X ray machine with digital imaging. This helps us to provide the best quality services in terms of radiographic diagnosis.

In order to provide quick results when your pet is ill, we have a comprehensive in-house laboratory.  The Chemistry checks vital organs such as the liver and kidneys, as well as electrolytes, proteins, and minerals. Having this machine in-house allows us to efficiently monitor individual values with on a weekly or monthly basis if needed. It is also possible to check bloodwork prior to anesthesia on or before the scheduled surgery. 

We also offer Thyroid testing, which can also be completed while you wait. 

For all other laboratory services (CBC, fecal, urine analysis) we are using IDEXX.


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