Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    Romus Teodorescu DVM

    Dr. Romus Teodorescu began his career as a licensed Veterinarian in Bucharest, Romania, the country's capital city of 3 million residents. He continued his practice in Romania for 4 years before moving to Canada, where he obtained his Canadian permit to practice in 2007 and was employed at a Veterinary clinic in South Calgary for approximately 3 years.

    In May 2010, Dr. Romus, with the help and support of his wife Cristina and daughter, Anna, opened his own Veterinary Clinic located in Ranchlands, Calgary, N.W.

    His down to earth attitude, care and compassion for this patients, respect for the pet's owners are the most important values of his practice.

    Dr. Romus and his family have been adopting always rescues or animal inneeds. Lili, the border colie has been adopted from Calgary Humane Societyin 2003 and lived 10 years with his family. Carlito, the Chihuahua has beenadopted by Dr. Romus after he has been released from a puppy mill. Bucky,the stray cat has been shot in a leg, he survived the trauma and lived 8good years into Dr. Romus house. Another stray cat Lulu is still living inhis house. Dona (see picture below) is a lovely staffy who came also from afamily that could no longer keep her. Many other cats found a home recentlyto DR. Romus house: Oti, Romeo, Lahva and the two 'Tasmanian devils' Gigiand Gicu

  • Sarah Marshalok - Office Administrator, Veterinary Assistant

    Sarah recently graduated Robertson College and she joined our team in March 2018.

    She is a very organised and talented Vet Assistant, she also helps with reception and office administration. She is very polite and considerate and definitely her work with us is very much appreciated.

  • Dona Customers Greeter

    Our 5 years old staffy is doing her best to make customers feeling comfortable with the friendly environment of the clinic.

  • Dr. Emilia Blac DVM

    Dr. Balc began her career as a licensed veterinarian in Romania; in 2002, she opened her own small animal veterinarian practice that she co-owned with her husband. After seven years of practice, she immigrated to Canada. In 2006, she began working at a south-east clinic in Calgary until September 2010, where she worked at Coach Hill Veterinary Hospital as a veterinary and tech assistant. In 2017, she became a fully licensed Veterinarian in Canada and began working at several other clinics located in the SW and NW area.

    Recently, she has joined Ranchlands Veterinary Clinic where she hopes to pursue her love of animals while working in an environment that allows her passion and dedication to the veterinary service to reach its full potential.

    She lives with her two children and cat, Calista. Dr. Balc is a very passionate, fair and reliable veterinarian. Her career path reveals extraordinary personal resilience and strength. She also loves a healthy and nutritional lifestyle and spending time outdoors, going cycling or hiking with her family.

  • Aisilinn MacCulloch

    Aisilinn is a new graduate as Registered Animal Technologist. She is compassionate and reliable. Her good work attitude and compassion toward out patients reveals great potential for pursuing her career as a Animal Technologist.

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