Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    Romus Teodorescu DVM

    Dr. Romus Teodorescu began his career as a licensed Veterinarian in Bucharest, Romania, the country's capital city of 3 million residents. He continued his practice in Romania for 4 years before moving to Canada, where he obtained his Canadian permit to practice in 2007 and was employed at a Veterinary clinic in South Calgary for approximately 3 years.

    In May 2010, Dr. Romus, with the help and support of his wife Cristina and daughter, Anna, opened his own Veterinary Clinic located in Ranchlands, Calgary, N.W.

    His down to earth attitude, care and compassion for his patients, respect for the pet's owners are the most important values of his practice.

    Dr. Romus and his family have been adopting always rescues or animal in needs. Lili, the border colie has been adopted from Calgary Humane Society in 2003 and lived 10 years with his family. Carlito, the Chihuahua has been adopted by Dr. Romus after he has been released from a puppy mill. Bucky, the stray cat has been shot in a leg, he survived the trauma and lived good years into Dr. Romus house. Another stray cat Lulu is still living in his house. Dona (see picture below) is a lovely staffy who came also from a family that could no longer keep her. Many other cats found a home recently to DR. Romus house: Oti, Romeo, Tupac and the 'Tasmanian devils' Gigi.

  • Dr.
    Sam Vishanta

    Dr Sam is a veterinarian coming from Sri Lanka who recently joined our team. Dr Sam passed most of the ABVMA professional requirements and we hope soon will be awarded with the permanent licence as veterinarian in AB. His outstanding good and jolly spirit, his communication skills make him a valuable member of our team. 

  • Katie Poulin
    Veterinary Assistant

    Katie is a student to Olds College for Animal Health Program. Katie is a quick learner, courageous and has a very mature personality. We value her determination and strong work ethic. Katie recently took over one of the most important responsibilities with our company: Customer Service. 

  • Hoshanah Tsui
    Veterinary Assistant

    Hoshanah has been recently admitted to University in Guelph, Ontario, studying Animal Science. Hoshanah is a conscious hardworking and highly motivated Veterinary Assistant. We are happy to see that her working experience within our team might be an asset for her bright professional future.

  • Anna and Cristina

    This is a family business. Anna and Cristina (daughter and wife) helped Dr Romus running the clinic since he opened the clinic in May 2010. Anna is a recent graduate of High School; she is preparing for a career in art. However, she helped her parents all these years the best of her abilities. Our clients can see her sometimes working as a Veterinary Assistant and Customer Service. Cristina oversees administration and client liaison. Although she is not working in the clinic full time, she is very much involved in every aspect of the business. 

  • Donna Customers-Greeter

    Our 10 years old staffy is doing her best to make customers feeling comfortable with the friendly environment of the clinic. Now, since she became a senior dog, her attendance to the office is no longer mandatory. However, Donna always managed to put a smile on everybody's face and we all love Donna!

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